Cultural theory and Documentary film

Documentaries on the net
August 2, 2012, 09:38
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Had just to share this website which I found today. Haven´t investigated it´s value but it seemed so promising that I decided it should be here.


Reporting from the wild
September 6, 2011, 21:52
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Sceneries from nature and documented wildlife is still a form of documentary that is in great demand. I think the BBC-series Life is widely known, and I stumbled upon a fascinating series today. Several teams of german cameramen have done an impressing job in deepest wilds of Russia. As with the BBC series they have used the latest technical equipment and cameras and produced awesome pictures of landscapes and animals.

One would hope that this programs actually conveys information and commitment for people to preserve our last resorts of true wildlife.,p112192,2,f,-1


A newly opened goldmine for filmbuffs
April 20, 2011, 10:19
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The swedish national moviearchive have digitalized an enormus amount of its archived titles and has now opened a website for them. It opened in february with 300 movies and more will be included continueously.

It is a cooperation between the National Library of Sweden and the Swedish Film institute.

Take a look at the collections here:

Great interactive project
March 24, 2011, 19:18
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Here is a profoundley interesting idea done by the Canadian National Film board. They combine places all over the world on a site, and every spot covered has a place where pictures have been taken both inside and outside the building. The key-word seems to be buildings which rises high above the ground. This is truely a interesting way to armchair travel through the world…

Film archive on the net
November 1, 2010, 13:09
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I am not sure if I have promoted travelfilmarchives here before. Whatever, it is a goldmine of documentaries and you could explore it for a lifetime. So I couldn´t resist publishing this one little gem with freezing pictures from Sweden.

Does documentary make difference?
January 13, 2010, 19:02
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Documentary footing has proven to make difference, one notable filmclip was the police brutality towards Rodney King which was witnessed and filmed by a person through one of the windows in her apartment.
But if you think of ordinary documentaries done by professionals, I sincerely wonder about their ability to influence.

Fredrik Gertten made the documentary movie “Bananas” about bananaworkers that had been and still is risking severe damage by the poisons used by banana companies. And I wonder if somebody more, than the usual 5 percent that care about human conditions and does actions to make a difference, even would have noticed the documentary altogether.
Now the documentary hit the headlines of the big press in several countries because of the lawsuit filed by the Dole Company in order to silence the critic. And the movie and the situation of the Banna workers got noticed by very much more people than usually for conscience hitting documentary material.

Then did the documentary do any massive impact on opionion? Well Dole, for what I know, still does sell loads of bananas. The working conditions hasn´t surely improved in any great extent, with expection of a small increase in interest for Fair trade bananas.
The documentary has moved on to be shown in public theatres at least in Sweden, but it goes for only a short period in a few small saloons, and the visitors are the usual crowd of “do-gooders” that drives the whole activist and political action in the westworld…

I am sure that the documentary hadn´t even seen so much of moviesaloon´s if Dole hadn´t made such fuss of it.The lesson learned is, are you doing crooked business, just go on doing it, do not draw any attention to critics as it only exposes you. And if you are big enough just do whatever you want, the masses will keep on consuming your products if they are cheap enough…

One minute documentaries
October 25, 2009, 15:37
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Is the pure documentary setting up a camera at a given point and film whatever happens in front of it? The literature we have read makes often the point that the camera in itself displaces some of the reality it is supposed to catch. But how should we analyze this example with a videotake from inside a car that could be or could not be observed by those involved as scenery.

The development of cameras steadily decreasing their size and increasing their capability to catch sound and picture is exceptional. What will this mean to documentary, obviously we are getting more and more footage that just wasn´t possible to accumulate earlier.

In this excerpt of reality, the camera is set up inside a cars front window, and we are seeing a apparently random view while the car is waiting for traffic lights to change. We see a person waiting with a dog and a gasstation in the background. It is raining although we aren ´t really sure of the weather since the lead is the windshieldwipers swiping that gives the suggestion of weather conditions mostly. The picture has a misty quality that could be because rainy weather but it could be accomplished by the camera being off-focus. Obviously it has rained since the streets are wet.

Is there any point in making these documentaries? Is it meaningful to document moments and places, situations that is never to be recreated, this is a unique location of the camera documenting a unique setting, a moment of weather conditions and trafficflow that just like all other moments just diappears. And just how musch time can spend on contemplating lost moments that disappears into the vast realms of history?

And is this documentary or should we have to invent another definition to timepieces like these?

Tis film is part of a project on the videosite Vimeo, where the creators of website have invited people to upload one-minute takings without cameramovements. Which of course reminds of the dogma-movie thesis of natural moviemaking…