Cultural theory and Documentary film

The camera as a spectacle
July 22, 2009, 13:23
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Well, now I find myself immersed in Youtube in a new way, looking for old documentaries and films mentioned in my courseliterature. This little piece of documentary I had to share, it is a good case of the return gaze and you note that the cameracrew in themselves becomes as much attraction as anything else on Petticoat Lane. Which naturally rises interesting questions of the possibility to document anything as itself or “objectively” and in what purpose people stage themselves if they notice a camera. The awareness of cthe camera changes the subject clearly, much documentary photo lives on the unawareness of camera and on other hand, there is remarkable photos done in cooperation with the photographer. Are the “inbetweenies” only reconstructions of the moment when a subject discovers the camera, the moment from not being aware to the moment of cooperation. Is there something to be learned from different discoveries of the camera?

Anyway, enjoy this piece, and go on to the channel itself where very much more interesting material is hiding…